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The Right Ad at the Right Time in the Right Place

That’s what pay-per-click (SEM) advertising is all about. Presenting the consumer with the option to purchase at the moment they are interested. No other media can deliver the same results.

  • Reach consumers in a relevant, accountable way
  • Measure and Improve your return on investment
  • Generate leads, conversions, sales, brand awareness
PPC advertisers enjoy a tremendous level of control over their costs. They can set a maximum daily budget to help manage costs over the month and specific amounts they're willing to pay per click or per thousand impressions, which the system will never exceed.

DataWorks lets you deal directly with the Search engines for your clicks and we invoice you monthly with our service charges. – No long term contract necessary, just a 30 day notice.



Dataworks is a division of 2021278 Ontario Corporation